Whenever Hollywood announces a project based on an original idea, I get a little bit excited. Lately though, those original ideas don’t seem to pan out in another Inception. Instead we end up with the likes of Sucker Punch. Is it any wonder that we’re flooded with sequels? Maybe this idea will fare better, a film called Shadow Runner set to star Thor’s infinitely hunky Chris Hemsworth.

Sony Pictures has announced that Hemsworth has signed to star in the project, but they aren’t telling anyone what it’s about. All we know for now is that it’s based on idea dreamed up by Shadow Runner exec producer Hossein Amini. Amini is the mind behind the screenplay for Drive, which in his festival review of the film our own Eric Eisenberg called one of the best movies of the year en route to begging people to see it “as many times” as they can when it gets here in September.

In addition to writing what’s turning into one of the most praised movies of the year, Amini has also become a pretty hot commodity. He’s behind the upcoming movies 47 Ronin and Snow White and the Huntsman too. Hollywood’s high on Amini, and maybe with good reason.

Hollywood’s also pretty high on Chris Hemsworth who, whatever you think of Thor, was pretty fantastic as a towers superhero this summer. Nearly as fantastic as he was in those opening five minutes of Star Trek, back when we first started noticing him. Putting these two together on the same project could be a good decision.

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