#3: Man of Steel might flop
In which case Warner has already said it would hold off on Justice League. New Warner CEO wisely wants to wait to see if audiences support Henry Cavill as the new Superman before throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at a franchise that might never get off the ground. The studio appears to be in a wait-and-see holding pattern. Even if Man of Steel breaks the bank, that doesn’t give a production that much time to turnaround and meet what’s surely supposed to be a Summer 2015 release date.

So, good-news/bad-news Justice League fans. I sincerely believe you’ll have to wait longer than 2015 to see your favorite heroes together on screen. I'd also say that this madcap dash to assemble a Justice League movie is really a crippling case of Marvel envy, and Warner will come to realize a Justice League movie cobbled together without the proper planning (which takes years) is a fool's errand. And if I were a betting man, I'd say that we never see a Justice League movie in theaters.

Granted, my use of "never" is more of a gut feeling that Warner has been on the fence the whole time, compelled to act on a JLA movie because of what Marvel is doing, but totally unwilling to commit to the time and money needed to make it work. And when I say "never," I simply believe that Warner will pull the plug on pre-production before they let a JLA movie happen. Maybe they'll say Man of Steel didn't make enough (regardless of what it makes). Maybe they'll announce a new Batman instead. In my gut, I just believe that they don't want to do it. So if I were to bet, I'd put money on "won't happen" over "might happen someday."

Need a silver lining? The longer Warner waits, the better chance we have of maybe seeing a proper JLA movie that’s made because a filmmaker believes in the property, and not because a major studio has a hole in their release schedule that needs filling.

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