Tickets for Sony’s Michael Jackson documentary This Is It went on sale for the first time last night, available online through the film’s official ticket site as well as the usual online ticket suspects. Just a few hours later, over 160 showings were already sold out.

According to, sales of tickets to Michael Jackson’s This Is It have accounted for more than 82 percent of all the tickets sold at the site today. Of course it’s Monday and not exactly a big ticket-buying day, but still that’s fairly significant. This is after all, just a concert documentary. Except of course it’s a concert documentary about the most famous man currently in the grave.

So just how much money is this thing going to make? The current documentary box office record holder is Fahrenheit 9/11 with a lifetime gross of $119 million. In a distant second place is March of the Penguins with $77 million and in an even more distant third place is Disney’s Earth from last year with $32 million. Documentary records aren’t hard to break. This is It should have no problem taking over third place, where it will sit for all time as a testament to what a bunch of celebrity obsessed bunch of retards we all are. Celebrate this bright new day for humanity, by being there with ticket in hand for Michael Jackson’s last dance on October 28th.

Update! We were also able to contact Fandango and they report similar numbers of ticket sales. Fandango currently has 110 sold out showings of This Is It with the Michael Jackson documentary comprising 78% of the tickets sold on their site today.

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