If you're a woman (or a guy who cries at movies… me) then you know the name Cassavetes. Nick Cassavetes directed the heart-wrenching love story The Notebook. If you haven't seen it, get moving. If you have a soul, it'll leave you in tears.

Nick Cassavetes is the son of famed director John Cassavetes, and his pop is about to have something of a resurgence.

Production Weekly says that French writer/director Erick Zonca is about to remake the 1980 John Cassavetes film Gloria. Zonca's version is being called Julia, and he's touting it as "inspired by" rather than straight remake. The difference is probably academic.

Unlike his son, John Cassavetes didn't make sappy romance movies. Gloria was a hard-hitting crime thriller about a man and his family being eliminated by the mob after informing to the FBI. The youngest member of the family, a six-year-old kid escapes with the help of a neighbor named Gloria, who is the former girlfriend of one of the gangsters that executed his parents.

Tilda Swinton has been as the lead Julia in Zonca's new version. Julia is described as a road movie, and sounds pretty similar. In this version, Julia tries to extort money using the young boy who escapes as bait.

Zonca's movie starts shooting late this October in Los Angeles and Mexico, so expect their run from the mob to take them across the border where perhaps they'll have to charter a high-speed burro.

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