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Until now we’ve all thought The Incredible Hulk was going to face off against his nemesis, The Abomination, as played by Tim Roth. That still may be the case, but it appears The Abomination isn’t the only villain to put in an appearance in the upcoming sequel-that-isn’t-a-sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tim Blake Nelson (Syriana, O Brother Where Art Thou) is joining the cast of The Incredible Hulk as scientist Samuel Sterns. In Hulk lore, Sterns is a menial worker who is accidentally exposed to gamma radiation. As the radiation transformed Bruce Banner on a physical level, Sterns is affected mentally, with an increased capacity for thought. Under the name “The Leader” the worker turned mastermind plots against the Hulk.

Where Sterns will fit into the movie is unknown as of yet. The description is that he’s a scientist so it sounds like they are changing the character a bit. Is he just going to be a character in the movie, or will Sterns actually become The Leader? Or, is Sterns presence a setup for another Hulk film?

We might find out more this week as The Incredible Hulk is a major topic of discussion at San Diego Comic Con, or Nelson’s role may be all that is announced. I guess we’ll see.

The Incredible Hulk smashes into theaters next year, June 13th.

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