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Tim Burton practically has a pair of Mickey ears permanently fused to his head at this point, with Alice in Wonderland opening soon and Frankenweenie in development and, let's face it, probably a large handful of Disney execs anxious to keep him on board. And apparently the wide world of Disney still holds a lot of interest for Burton as well-- Ain't It Cool is hearing that Burton wants to revisit another classic Disney fairy tale, but from a much different perspective than we're used to.

The project Burton has in mind might be called Maleficent, a take on the Sleeping Beauty story told from the point of view of the villain, who memorably turns into a giant dragon at the end. They're also hearing that Burton's planned adaptation of the cult TV series Dark Shadows might hit a few stumbling blocks, so the Maleficent project wouldn't be just one of those dream projects that Burton talks up and never gets around to. We know Disney is trying to project a hipper image these days and draw in more than just the typical princess fans-- is a reboot of a classic fairy tale the way to go? With Burton on board, it's at least the kind of risk they might be willing to take.

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