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When musicians try and get into the acting game, the results can often be disastrous (Glitter, Crossroads, Get Rich Or Die Trying, etc.) Tim McGraw, on the other hand, has actually made it work. An incredibly successful, Grammy-winning country singer, McGraw has his fair share of successful films under his belt, from Friday Night Lights to The Blind Side. Next month his next film, Country Strong, will hit theaters, but he also has plans beyond.

Speaking with McGraw as part of a roundtable interview for next month's release, the actor revealed that he has landed a role in Safe House, the Daniel Espinosa-directed film also starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. In the film, Reynolds plays a young CIA agent who needs to move a criminal (Washington) from a compromised safe house to a secure location. Though he gave limited details about the role (he wouldn't reveal which side he was playing for), but did confirm that he is playing a spy and will certainly getting in on the action.
"I get to play actually something action-packed. Shoot people and all that stuff. I’m looking forward to all that stuff."

When it comes to handling two careers at once, McGraw seems to go about it the right way, giving ample time to both his music career and acting. Considering that Safe House is so front-loaded with talent, Reynolds continuing to blow up and Washington a permanent A-lister, its unknown how much screentime McGraw will get, but it sounds like he'll get plenty.

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