For those of you who haven't figured out yet that anything is fair game when it comes to remakes, here's another example. Moviehole says Terry Gilliam's classic midgets on parade movie Time Bandits is about to be redone.

Though I'm not one of them, the film has legions of devoted fans (including our podcast crew), all of whom are probably printing up picket signs as you read this. Put them down folks, there's no point in fighting it. It's useless.

The new movie is being done without Terry Gilliam's cooperation or involvement, and thus stands at least some chance of actually being completed. The company that originally produced the film, Handmade Films, is also responsible for the do-over.

Gilliam's original 1981 movie is a fantasy adventure about a young boy who hooks up with a bunch of time-traveling dwarves. He tags along with them as they leap from time-period to time-period, looking for treasure to steal and hoping that their next leap, will be the leap home. Eventually they confront ultimate evil and defeat it. Ultimate evil never comes out on top.

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