Hey, did you hear they are planning another Mad Max sequel? It feels like we’ve been reporting that news for years. George Miller, the creative force behind the existing Mad Max films, has created a fourth chapter of the franchise titled Mad Max: Fury Road. While the script has been making the rounds for at least a few years, the project hasn’t gotten a green light yet. And yet, talk still emerges about the film from time to time.

Today’s mention comes courtesy of a news story about a media company’s plans to mentor directors under a partnership with Miller’s production company. If (Australia’s filmmaker magazine) is reporting on the agreement between Omnilab Media and Kennedy Miller Mitchell, and the resulting digital media company. The company will co-finance and produce films with a focus on recruiting Australian directors to work on projects in their home country.

So guess what one of the possible projects for the new media company would be? Yep, Mad Max: Fury Road. The managing director, Christopher Mapp, concedes that the picture doesn’t have a green light yet, but that it’s “actually well developed.” Sorry, if it’s not developed enough to get a green light, I’m not interested.

I don’t know why the Mad Max sequel infuriates me so, but I’ve gotten to the point of saying, “shit or get off the pot.” John McClane has had another adventure and Rambo is coming soon. The time for outdated action heroes is here. If you’re not going to take advantage of that, then just give it up. Either get serious about making another Mad Max or give it up, but let’s stop knocking the title around every couple of months.

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