Timecop is one of those guilty pleasure movies that actually should have more value then most people give it. Written off rather easily thanks to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s involvement, the time travel storyline is actually pretty clever, with lots of room for potential – a lot more than the (thankfully) short lived television series spin-off got a chance to explore.

Well, good news for others who agree with me: Dark Horse and Universal are discussing about a revival / reboot of the movie as a new franchise. Even better news: that talk includes Timecop creator Mike Richardson, who was left out of the development of the television series and the direct-to-DVD sequel.

Richardson talked quickly with IESB about the possibility of a reboot and the creator sounds excited about the prospect. Apparently there has even been talk of a particular actor to play the new Time Enforcement Agent. While IESB couldn’t disclose who that actor is, the site does indicate that it’s not Van Damme, and not to expect to see the return of the Muscles from Brussels anytime soon.

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