Tina Fey can do no wrong in my eyes. Of course, everyone loves her in 30 Rock, got down with her as Weekend Update host and couldn’t get enough of her Sarah Palin impression, but my obsession goes far beyond that. I’ve seen Mean Girls at least thirty-five times. I own Artie Lange’s Beer League, at least partially because she cameos long enough to deliver the epic line “And another skank gets herpies”. I saw Date Night in theaters twice. I even defend Baby Mama. If Tina Fey’s there, I’m not far behind, which is why I’m already getting excited about Admission.

According to The Wrap, Fey is in talks to star in an adaptation of the popular Jean Hanff Korelitz novel. The basic plot follows a Princeton admissions officer that finds herself in hot water after her relationship with a potential applicant spins out of control. Fey would play the admissions officer while some stud to be named later would play the applicant.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but Admission and Tina Fey seem like a solid match. Even if they’re not, let’s be honest, I’m there.

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