It seems that these days there are so many zombie films inundating the market that it has become necessary to explore new gimmicks for the genre. That must have been what attracted Summit Entertainment to Isaac Marion’s novel Warm Bodies. The story of a zombie who falls in love with a girl whose boyfriend he previously devoured was picked up for a big screen adaptation early last year with 50/50’s Jonathan Levine slated to direct. The concept of a romantic comedy infused with zombie elements, a zom-com, smacks of Edgar Wright’s spectacular Shaun of the Dead.

Recently, it was reported that John Malkovich was in talks to portray the film’s villain General Grigio who is out to destroy all zombies. The film also stars Rob Corddry, Nicholas Hoult, and Teresa Palmer; Hoult playing the lovestruck zombie while Palmer the girl for whom his heart beats… or fails to beat, I guess. Now Variety has revealed that three more warm bodies have been added to the roster: Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco, and Cory Hardrict.

Immediately, you should be asking yourself, “who are these kids?” We often develop reservations quickly when announcements are made regarding actors with whom we are not familiar. I count myself among those quick to doubt. I’ll admit that when I found out that, for example, Tipton got her start on America’s Next Top Model, I found myself cringing. But she also happens to be starring in Damsels in Distress alongside the fabulous Greta Gerwig, which is the closing film of the Venice Film Festival. Clearly her talent has been recognized by other filmmakers. Dave Franco is, in fact, the younger brother of James Franco. He recently appeared in Fright Night and has landed a role in the upcoming 21 Jump Street; proving almost as marketable as his brother. And for his part, Hardrict can list roles in Gran Torino and Battle Los Angeles on his resume. Everybody’s got start somewhere and these three have built up one impressive collective catalogue.

As for the characters these newcomers will inhabit in Warm Bodies, Analeigh Tipton will play Palmer’s best friend while Dave Franco is set to play Palmer’s doomed boyfriend. Hardrict will play one of Palmer’s socially inept friends who assists Malkovich with his plans for zombie annihilation. Honestly, as much as the tendency toward getting name actors is strong, I’m glad Warm Bodies is going with a younger cast of relatively unknowns. This film represents the potential for a fresh take on a tired convention, so a group of fresh faces seems the perfect complement to that new perspective.

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