Yesterday we debuted your first ever look at Flynn’s Arcade in Tron: Legacy. The image was part of Disney’s promotion for the trailer, which debuts this weekend. Their plan is to debut one new Tron: Legacy image a day until Friday and our plan was to show you each and every image because, well obviously, Tron: Legacy looks like it could be kind of awesome. Disney’s plan will continue on uninterrupted, but if tomorrow’s Legacy image is as half-assed and lame as the one Disney released today, then don’t expect us to waste your time with it. Frankly the only reason we’re covering this one is because I told you we would yesterday.

So here it is, today’s new Tron: Legacy image which is basically yesterday’s Tron: Legacy image shown from a different angle. Had this been our first look at Flynn’s Arcade it would be a great image. But it’s not. It’s our second look at it and since it shows nothing new except half of Garrett Hedlund’s face in a muddy mirror, great is not a word to describe it. Lame, Disney. Pretty fucking lame. Kind of like sending people in Portland to play a viral game without telling them that the prize will only be given to people in New York and LA. Tomorrow’s image had better make up for it.

In the image Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) reflects upon his father Kevin’s (Jeff Bridges) mysterious disappearance outside of the abandoned arcade, FLYNN’S.

And in case you missed it, here's yesterday's image:

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