A few weeks ago we heard rumors that Tom Cruise was being considered to voice one of the bad guys in Shrek 4. Well, consider that rumor dead.

Tom Cruise’s publicist Jeff Raymond sent E! Online this terse statement: “As of today, there is no truth to the Tom Cruise-Shrek 4 rumor.” E! Online then went on to insult us, by referring to Cinema Blend as a blog. No, we’re not. We have standards.

Those standards include trying to get confirmation on rumors we’ve reported. Unfortunately, my queries were ignored in favor of talking to E!. Oh well. It’s interesting that Raymond says “as of today” there’s no truth to the Tom Cruise rumors. Does that mean there was truth to them yesterday? Our source was a reliable one. Makes me wonder if maybe DreamWorks was considering him, and then everyone changed their minds after all the angry anti-Tom Cruise backlash over our report of the rumor. We’ll never know. Either way, no Tom Cruise for Shrek Goes Forth... at least today. Maybe tomorrow.

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