Whether you think that the franchise has gone downhill since the first film or you think the third movie was the best of the series (like me), it's hard not to be excited for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Ignoring it's stupid title, the new movie has added some fantastic new names to an already awesome cast (including Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Tom Wilkinson and Josh Holloway), has a fascinating director at the helm (Brad Bird making his live-action debut) and the first trailer was badass. Now a new image has been posted on the film's Facebook page and while it's not as exciting as seeing Tom Cruise climb the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it's still pretty great.

In the new film, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team are framed for a terrorist attack on the Kremlin and are forced to go underground to find the people that are actually responsible. In the new image, Hunt is meeting with Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), Jane Carter (Patton) and the mysterious Brandt (Renner). While I'm not a board certified expert on body language, looking at this picture I think that Hunt may be ready to punch Brandt square in the jaw, but I suppose I could be wrong.

Check out the image below and click on it to see it full size.

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