Say what you will about Knight & Day, but none of that film's problems had anything to do with Tom Cruise. In fact, his work in that movie was arguably just as solid as during his heyday. Enthusiastic, vibrant and still a star, he tried desperately to save that sinking ship, and in doing so, made it suck exponentially less. That's what I want out of a movie star: the ability to make a horrible film seem watchable. And when a good one comes around, the talent to truly make it sing. Literally.

According to Deadline, Cruise has been offered a key supporting role in the upcoming musical adaptation Rock Of Ages. In it, he would play a bartender with a penchant for 80s hair metal. How could this not be awesome? Unlike the John Cusacks of the world who thrive on playing themselves, Tom Cruise has some experience reveling in absolute nonsense. Whether this will be Les Grossman-level nonsense or just Frank T.J. Mackey-level nonsense is anyone's guess, but either way, I'm down for a little over-the-top ridiculousness.

No word yet on when Cruise might decide on the offer, but as work has begun on Mission Impossible 4, it might be a little while before we hear more about his involvement.

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