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Back in September, two names were floated for the lead in the Guillermo Del Toro-directed adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness: Tom Cruise and James McAvoy. According to the story, Del Toro was interested in Cruise, while the studio was in favor of McAvoy, but, as I reported late last month, the Scottish actor has yet to hear anything about the part. So where does the veteran stand? According to James Cameron, he's still very interested.

Out promoting Sanctum, James Cameron told MTV that Cruise wants to make the film, though a deal has yet to be made. Despite excitement from both fans of the book and Del Toro's work, the film has yet to receive the greenlight due to disagreements about the budget. Still, Cameron seems to be confident about the future of the project, saying that Del Toro is "madly working" on a new draft of the script and the plan still hopes that they will be able to shoot by June or July as planned.

There are thousands of projects being developed at the various studios in Hollywood right now, but there are few that excite me more than the prospect of an At The Mountains of Madness film. If I were a studio chief, I would allot the production $700 million to play with. Would my tenure as chief of the studio be over before it really starts? Absolutely - but I would be proud of my time served.

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