There's an article in today's Variety that I swear we reported on months ago. In fact, I know we did-- it's right here. Basically they're both rundowns of everything Tom Cruise has on his plate right now, with today's article an update on the same projects he was circling back in February.

And guess what-- he's still circling them! Except in the meantime he's been giving work for tons of script doctors, who tinker away at these scripts to make them suit his exact specifications. On a few of those projects, the tinkering hasn't worked-- Cruise has backed away from the romantic comedy Lost for Words (with Ziyi Zhang) as well as The 28th Amendment, which would have had The Lives of Others director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck casting Cruise as the President.

What's remains in the derby is a lot-- Len Wiseman's Motorcade, remake The Tourist, James Mangold's Wichita, and Ludlum adaptation The Matarese Circle. There's probably no way Cruise will ever star in all of those movies, so now it's a guessing game as to which he'll actually commit to. Materese Circle, which would co-star Denzel Washington and be directed by David Cronenberg, sounds the most exciting to me, but we could just as easily get stuck seeing him in the action comedy with Cameron Diaz. What's your preference, internet?

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