Ever since the money to make Unstoppable finally came together last summer, we haven't heard much from Tony Scott-- he wrapped up filming the Denzel Washington/Chris Pine action film in December, and presumably has been hard at work figuring out exactly which swoopy camera shot would make it into the final cut.

Now, according to Deadline, Scott is ready to move on, and he's bringing Mickey Rourke, Javier Bardem and Jason Statham-- now there's a dream team-- along with him. He'll be directing the long-in-development Potsdamer Platz, about two members of a New Jersey crime family who decide to expand their business internationally. And while it may seem logical to assume, based on the title, that the international expansion includes Germany, oh would you be wrong-- the movie is going to be set in Puerto Rico. As much as I'd love them to keep the now-illogical title, it's apparently heading for a name change.

Perhaps the craziest news in all of this is Scott was pursuing Gene Hackman, who hasn't acted since 2004, to take a role in the film. Hackman turned him down, but whether or not that's because he's happy not acting or because he wanted nothing to do with another Tony Scott movie, we'll never know.

Filming on Potsdamer Platz, or whatever it's going to be called, begins this fall.

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