Tony Scott, much like his brother Ridley, has never been afraid to talk about upcoming projects that he may never actually get around to making. When I talked to him last summer he brought up plans to direct a remake of The Warriors, to produce a remake of his own film The Hunger, to adapt the Hunter S. Thompson novel Hell's Angels and to direct Mickey Rourke in the mob thriller Potsdamer Platz. In the last year, of course, we've heard nothing about any of these projects, because Scott has been busy making the runaway train thriller Unstoppable, which comes out this fall with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in the leads.

But now that Unstoppable is nearly finished, as Deadline puts it, "it is decision time for Tony Scott." In addition to Potsdamer Platz and Hell's Angels he's considering a third project, the John Grisham adaptation The Associate, which already has Shia LaBeouf attached to star and The Departed writer William Monahan writing the script. Whatever it is he decides to make, he'll start shooting early next year, so it may just be a question of what's ready to get going first.

I don't really have a dog in this fight-- whatever Tony Scott makes next will probably be just as mindlessly entertaining and narratively frustrating as everything else he makes-- but I kind of wouldn't mind seeing his take on a John Grisham movie. See how many times that camera can swirl around the courtroom!

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