#1: Channing Tatum
It's undeniable that this was Channing Tatum's year, Avengers and Batman be damned. The guy was on the kind of hot streak that seems to only exist in "star is born" montages, jumping from the gritty and great Steven Soderbergh movie that nobody saw (Haywire) to the one everyone saw (Magic Mike), from the soupy romantic drama (The Vow) to the insane R-rated comedy (21 Jump Street), and released a tiny passion project indie just for the sake of rounding things out (10 Years). Channing Tatum was such a big deal this year that an entire summer blockbuster-- G.I. Joe: Retaliation-- was reshot to include more of him. And given how much new work he's lined up this year alone, this is a breakthrough we'll be seeing ripples from for years and years to come.

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