#8 Jason Mantzoukas, The Dictator
Sure, it was Sacha Baron Cohen's titular tyrant whose outlandish beard was plastered all over big cities and invaded the Oscars to promote the comedy flop The Dictator. But Mantzoukas didn't need prosthetics to create his hysterical, scene-stealing character or his beautifully bush beard. If you've seen him as the hilariously unhinged and seedy Rafi on The League, you know this look is all Mantzoukas. And paired with the awkwardly combed to the side hairstyle, it's a look that's laughably bad in a good way.

#7 Antonio Banderas, Haywire
In Steven Soderbergh's genre-skewering espionage thriller, Banderas is almost unrecognizable behind his thick salt and pepper beard. And this made his duplicitous baddie Rodrigo all the more despicable. But just when it looks like he may have escaped the powerful clutches of Gina Carano's revenge-seeking secret agent Mallory Kane, he surfaces with a new look that reminds us how young and spry Rodrigo is….not that it matters at this point.

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