#4 Lily Collins, Mirror Mirror
You might have thought fabulous facial hair is solely a man's game, but this pale princess proves that's not the case with her big, bold and beautiful eyebrows. For decades now movies have favored thin and perniciously plucked brow lines, but Collins kicks it old school with her defiantly large brows. And they are gorgeous. Not only has her look spurred some women to stop plucking, and start penciling in darker brows, but also it has caused many men to crush hard on this English ingénue.

#3 Wes Bentley, The Hunger Games
Probably the most WTF look of 2012 came out of the socially stratified world of Panem, where the poor are scraping by in dingy and depressed villages, while the rich live in a protected city where their main concern is keeping up with the latest fashions. Based on an incredibly popular YA novel, the movie had a lot of ground to cover, and quickly. So the costume designs by Judianna Makovsky proved crucial. But while we gagged on the eleganza of Effie Trinket's regalia, it was Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane's meticulously groomed and swirling facial hair that showed how pervasive the superficial is in the capitol.

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