#7: Jeff, Who Lives At Home
We live in incredibly cynical times when even the best things in our world can be degraded through negativity and pessimism, but that’s exactly what’s so great about Jeff and Mark Duplass’ Jeff, Who Lives At Home, a brilliantly earnest movie packed with lovely, relatable characters and a fascinating script and an interesting look at destiny and fate.

Jason Segel, who stars as the titular home-dwelling Jeff, once again proves himself to be one of the most likeable actors in film today, and pairing him up with the harder-edged, stricter Ed Helms as a contrast is an inspired move. In spite of being a story about lack of trust and infidelity – as the main characters work to find out if Helms’ wife (Judy Greer) is cheating on him – the story winds up looking at what really ties all of us together and the truly important relationships in our lives. While a bit disconnected, Susan Sarandon’s character’s story is just as interesting, playing the Segel and Helms’ mother who may or may not have found new love in her office. Walking out of Jeff, Who Lives At Home I actually felt an undeniable swelling of happiness forming in my chest, and it’s because of that feeling that the movie has made my top 10. (Read my full review here)

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