#10: ParaNorman
Exquisitely animated by the obsessives at Laika Studios, and telling a sobering story about all the modern-day possibilities of witch hunts, ParaNorman is a resonant story about a town and its mistakes, but also a goofy children's romp in which a kid tries to throw hummus to fend off a ghost. Just when you think the film will go in one expected route for movies about kids finding their purpose in the world, it adds some small new wrinkle or poignant twist, right down to the last-minute throwaway joke that's one of the most subversive moments in a children's film this year. It's the kind of smartly executed, crowd-pleasing film that you walk out of excited about all the possibilities of movies.
Best Moment: Norman's confrontation with the witch.

Great Movies That Didn't Make The Cut: The Loneliest Planet, Lincoln, How To Survive A Plague, Girl Walk // All Day, Argo, Cabin int he Woods, Magic Mike, The House I Live In, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Skyfall, The Avengers

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