#5: Take This Waltz
Much like Anna Karenina, Sarah Polley's second film Take This Waltz takes the familiar feelings of new love and gives them visual translation, setting this story of a married woman (Michelle Williams) caught between her doting husband (Seth Rogen) and alluring new neighbor (Luke Kirby) in a vibrant, sweaty Toronto summer. The always-great Williams gives us every emotion of the torment her character has brought entirely upon herself, and Polley gives the film a dreamy, sometimes fantasy quality perfectly in step with those early days of infatuation. As bold and imaginative as her first film Away From Her was restrained, Take This Waltz is evidence that Polley will be a daring, intuitive filmmaker for decades to come.

Best Moment: Margot falls asleep and dreams, briefly, about an imagined future, that for a moment we believe is a flash-forward.

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