#7: Cloud Atlas
Boldly imagined, unerringly earnest and packed with makeup and wigs that don't necessarily always pass the sniff test, Cloud Atlas is a big galloping ball of emotions, with flaws that only make it feel more endearingly human. As each of its six stories reflect back on each other and make all of human history feel like echoes across time, the movie asks its audience to contemplate any number of big questions about the world, while also telling six stories that are entertaining and moving in their own right. It's a movie all about people daring to reach for something beyond themselves, and in making a film so outlandish and clearly personal, the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer have done just that.

Best Moment: In the distant past and in the far future, two former slaves-- David Gyasi's Autua and Doona Bae's Sonmi-451-- climb to great heights to find freedom.

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