#7: The Imposter
The Texan family at the center of this documentary has suffered a great deal. In 1994, they lost their youngest member, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay. Then, when it seemed he'd surfaced four years later in Spain, they rushed to retrieve him, only to find a young man who didn't look much like Nicholas and spoke English with a thick French accent. Still, why would someone lie about being the missing son of a lower-middle class American family? They took him in, but when the truth came out about identity thief Frédéric Bourdin, the press was cruel to the Barclays. How could this have happened, the media scoffed? Watching Bart Layton's shocking and stylish doc, it's easy to understand. Beyond giving the Barclays a chance to share their side of this bizarre story, Layton also offers insightful interviews with the arrogant and unrestrained Bourdin, a man savvy at manipulation, with a devilish smile and an inescapable charm. Even knowing all the crimes he's committed, and all the lies he's told, it's easy to be pulled into his scandalous stories, and wonder if they're true.

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