9. Frozen
Disney Animation reminded us why they've been a powerhouse in cinema for generations with this breathtaking movie musical. Helmed by Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Ralph) and Chris Buck (Surf's Up), Frozen took the story of Hans Christen Andersen's "Snow Queen" as a jumping off point to tell a princess story unlike any Disney has shown us before. This one scoffed at love at first site, featured not one but two self-rescuing princesses, and made the central relationship of the film not between a princess and her seemingly perfect prince, but instead between two sisters who love each other despite their pretty major differences.

I loved how Frozen updated the princess story for modern sensibilities without throwing its wonder and whimsy out the window. Lee and Buck not only constructed a thoughtfully character-driven and progressive princess tale, but also managed to do so with an eye toward visuals that is simply astounding. The ice and snow alone in this movie is worth the price of admission, but the physical comedy dolled out by its leads--not to mention a summer-craving/scene-stealing snowman--makes it an easy sell to kids. Plus, the musical numbers are catchy, fun and addictive.

Best Moment: Let It Go. Hands down.

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