9. 42
A strong case could be made that no professional sports team is more fondly remembered by our grandparents than the Brooklyn Dodgers. Overflowing with future Hall of Famers, the team was the first to enlist the services of an African-American ballplayer and within just a few short years, the group included a melting pot of players from a ton of ethnic backgrounds. It was racial harmony at its most successful and important. And then suddenly, the team was uprooted and moved to Los Angeles, destined to become a beautiful memory of the world at a specific point in time.

42, at its core, is the story of Jackie Robinson—how he broke the color barrier and how dominated the National League during his first season, but in many ways, it’s also the story of the Dodgers and how men of different backgrounds came together to create something beautiful that still means so much to so many people. 42 does Robinson and the whole crew justice, and I can’t imagine a higher compliment.

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