8. The Great Gatsby
Director Baz Luhrmann is wrong for an overwhelming majority of scripts. His sensibilities are simply far too weird, and his narrative touch has a way of pushing everything too close to flamboyance and opulence. Luckily for him and audiences, however, Jay Gatsby is a man who exists in the space between real and fantasy. Everything about his world is dreamy, over-the-top and lined with grandiosity. He’s a bullshit artist obsessed with style and appearance who has no concept of going too big, and in Luhrmann’s hands, he just keeps pushing and pushing. The parties are outlandish displays of wealth. The houses are mansions it would take days to explore, and the personalities border on caricatures in all of the best ways.

Luhrmann was born to make The Great Gatsby, and while we’re remember other roles first when looking back at his career, Leonardo Dicaprio was born to play Gatsby himself. With a brilliant supporting cast and the best soundtrack of the year, the film is an unqualified success, and its almost three hundred and fifty million at the worldwide box office is pretty damn good evidence of the wonderful word of mouth it inspired.

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