8. Saving Mr. Banks
Man, how I choked up when Emma Thompson – so frigid as Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers – tapped her toe ever so slightly to the chorus of "Let’s Go Fly a Kite." At that moment, she was as enamored with the Mary Poppins compositions as I was with John Lee Hancock’s nostalgic tug-of-war drama, Saving Mr. Banks.

First and foremost, Thompson is terrific as the stoic author who has no interest in the animated crap peddled by "Uncle" Walt (Tom Hanks, also great). And maybe the movie whitewashes (or Disney-fies) history. From what I hear, Travers never gave in to the whims of Disney, and hated the movie version of Mary Poppins until the day she died. But I adore films about the creative process, about the give-and-take that ultimately leads to the creation of stories that are integral to our cinema-loving foundations. Mary Poppins is a masterpiece, and Hancock sprinkles the right dose of Disney pixie dust over this crowd-pleasing film to show us how movies are made in trenches by "soldiers" who need a spoonful of sugar to help the "medicine" of creativity go down.

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