#3 Fozzie Bear
Let’s just be honest: Fozzie Bear is a pretty terrible comedian. His jokes are almost all based on puns and usually cause more groans than laughs. Statler and Waldorf typically go way too far with their Muppet hatred, but it’s somewhat understandable when they feel the need to throw tomatoes at Fozzie. So what makes him such a great character? His passion and unwillingness to stop doing what he loves. In spite of the punishment, Fozzie never gives up on his dream of being a stand-up and unrepentantly believes that he has the talent to make it. Because of this, the audience doesn’t get bored or sick of Fozzie, bur rather gives him embarrassed chuckles and half-smiles. Throw in the fact that he is a founding member of the muppets troupe, as seen in The Muppets Movie, which makes him incredibly important to the whole show, and Fozzie deserves one of the top spots on our list.

#4 The Swedish Chef
Hergy-bergy-flocken-durk. I've never understood a single word the Swedish Chef has said, and I've never needed to. He's not just one of the few Muppets who never speaks a word you can understand, but he's also got the fewest facial features, everything masked by a big floppy chef's hat and the mustache and eyebrows that seem to be taking over his face. And yet, none of it matters-- the Swedish Chef isn't capable of a heartfelt tune like "The Rainbow Connection" or of pulling off a pun like Statler and Waldorf, but his presence in any sketch is automatically good for a laugh because the guy just looks funny. Even the most standard comedy setup gets better when the Swedish Chef is somehow involved-- like when he, Animal and Beaker sang "Danny Boy" together and burst into tears. Who knew a take on the old Irish ballad would be even better when you couldn't understand a single word?

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