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Tom Cruise has been in more than 20 different films since 1986, and a lot of them were better than Top Gun. It doesn’t matter. Ask anyone to name his most famous role and odds are they’ll answer simply, “Maverick”. The story of a few men who like to play shirtless, full contact volleyball and fly fighter planes in their free time has endured, no matter how ridiculously cheesy almost all of it now is by modern standards. Top Gun is twenty-five years old this year, and it’s coming back.

Maverick and his buddy Goose are flying back into theaters for two nights only on April 30th and May 2nd in AMC Theaters. You’ll be able to ride into the Danger Zone with your friends all over again, or if you’re under thirty then probably for your first time in theaters, in hundreds of different locations around Canada and the United States listed right here.

For the event, Top Gun has been digitally re-mastered, and that means it’ll look good. Really good. Buy a ticket and you’ll also receive a theater-sized commemorative poster (no rip-off mini-one-sheets here). No AMC Theater in your area? Yeah, me either. Which begs the question: Why aren’t any of the other big chains doing this?

In the past vintage showings of classic movies were relegated to solitary arthouse theaters hidden in some crummy neighborhood in a handful of major cities. AMC has made it a point to take the idea of bringing back the classics and push it out on a wider scale. Last year they did this with Back to the Future, and back when I lived near an AMC I even caught a showing of the original, classic Star Trek pilot “The Cage”. It was sold out, and a ridiculous amount of fun. Obviously people are showing up, so why aren’t any of the other chains doing it? Regal, it’s your move.

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