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Pixar trailers are always a sight to behold. It's impossible not to get excited every year when the first footage of a new film from the best animation studio in the world comes out. Somehow, they're always able to keep a thin wall of mystery around their projects. Many of us didn't know what to expect from Up. We knew the idea for Wall-E sounded awesome but were unsure how it would work onscreen. You would think the mystery would be less present for the third part in a franchise, but this is Pixar we're talking about. Toy Story 3's plot was kept under lock and key until recently, and bloggers were forced to draw their own renditions of characters.

We debuted your first look at the trailer over the weekend, but wow we finally get to see the first true footage of the film in the way it was meant to be seen: High Definition! Apple (of course) has an HD version of the Toy Story 3 trailer up, and let me tell you, it looks even more amazingin high quality. A third movie in a franchise has rarely been pulled off (Back to the Future III as a western? LAME), but if anyone can do it, it will definitely be Pixar. This trailer seems to show that they're on the right track. Now we have to wait more than half a year to see if they were really able to do it.

Check out the trailer at Apple in glorious HD. If for some reason you hate HD, here's the embedded version we showed you a couple of days ago below, along with a billion screencaps because we just can't help ourselves.

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