For those not in the know, there is not just one singular Green Lantern. There is a whole corps of them protecting the universe from various baddies looking to take it over. We got to see a couple of the other Lanterns in the first trailer, but the popular tabletop game HeroClix has released some images of some upcoming additions to their game that may reveal some characters we haven’t yet seen.

There’s no reason to think that the new characters will appear in the movie, it is a comic book based game, after all, but the Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Clix are modeled after Ryan Reynolds (not to mention his picture is on the box) which leads us to believe that the rest were inspired by their movie counterparts. We’ve seen Hal and his Lantern alter ego, Tomar-Re, Abin Sur, Sinestro, and Kilowog in the trailer, but the new pics, found on the Super Hero Hype Forums show off R’Amey Holl, Salaak, Ganthet, and Boodikka.

As mentioned, we may be starting an unfounded rumor here, but these pics are worth looking into. There’s no Hector Hammond Clix so sorry to fans of the game who are looking for a new baddie, but chances are there will be by the time the film hits June 17th. Check them out below and head over to the Super Hero Hype Forums to see them in super high-res.


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