Steve Gaghan isn’t very consistent. On one hand, he wrote the complex scripts behind Traffic and Syriana. On the other hand, he wrote and directed that really lame movie with Katie Holmes, Abandon. So while hearing his name can pique interest, it doesn’t necessarily bring excitement for a new project.

That new project, according to THR, will be an action thriller about an undercover operative who become a Brooklyn beat cop in order to take down a global organization. Gaghan will write and direct. Lionsgate will distribute.

This premise sounds a little too 007 for me. The words “global organization” and “deep cover operative” aren’t usually in movies that are, well, good. Instead, this sounds like Gaghan trying to make his version of The Bourne Identity or the new Bond flicks. That’s great and all, but I’d much rather see another talk and plot heavy movie from the guy. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but some dudes should stick to what they know.