Every independent filmmaker wants to claim that their movie took Sundance, or Cannes, or whichever given festival by storm, but Drake Doremus definitely wouldn't be exaggerating. The director's third feature film premiered at Sundance to the kind of glowing, sighing reviews that rarely happen among skeptical festival crowds, and when it took home both the Best Actress prize for star Felicity Jones and the big kahuna Grand Jury Prize in its category, none of us on the ground at the festival were surprised. Featuring Jones and Anton Yelchin as a pair of college students who fall hard for each other and try to keep the relationship together despite the distance between them, Like Crazy is beautifully photographed and deeply felt, cracking open the emotions of love that feel so personal when you're in them that you can't imagine anyone else ever getting it. Doremus gets it, and was rewarded when Like Crazy made that tricky leap from festival success to major studio release-- it hits theaters October 28 through Paramount Pictures.

And now, nearly 7 months after its Sundance premiere, the rest of the world can finally get a look at what everyone else has been swooning about. The first trailer and poster for Like Crazy premiered today at Apple, and you can check them both out below.

Aside from the fact that the volume on this trailer seemed to be turned down bizarrely low-- did you guys also have a hard time making out what they were saying?-- I like the low-key approach of this trailer, setting up the romance but not getting too deep in the plot particulars. It's also a little misleading to emphasize the presence of Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence, since her role in the film is truly tiny, but it's still good to see one Sundance breakout star right alongside two more. Though I wasn't as over the moon for Like Crazy as many of my Sundance cohorts, it's well worth a look when it comes to theaters on October 28, and pretty much bound to break your heart.

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