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Hey, remember Brittany Murphy? She’s dropped off the radar since Sin City back in 2005, though she’s been plenty busy doing voice work in cartoons and a couple of generic thrillers no one has paid attention to. Her next movie is yet another thriller, though maybe not so generic. It’s called Across the Hall, and it’s based on a short story which was already made into a short film by the full length version’s director Alex Merkin. Now he’s expanded it into a full feature.

It’s a fairly tight little thriller concept. A man catches his fiancée cheating, and calls his best friend from a hotel room across the hall to tell him that he’s got a gun and he’s going to kill her. His friend begs him to wait, and races to the hotel in an attempt to stop his buddy from committing murder.

Check out the first trailer for Across the Hall below, and watch for it in theaters some time in 2009.

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