After the Super Bowl spot for Captain America: The First Avenger whet our collective appetites, anticipation is at an all time high for the film's first full trailer. We're still not precisely sure when we might be seeing it for the first time (I've personally been hearing scuttlebutt that it will be attached to Battle: Los Angeles), but now we have an alleged trailer description to tide you over.

SuperHeroHype scooper RealIrOnMaN recently had the opportunity to see the full trailer at the Russian Movie Expo and has written up a fairly descriptive account of what he saw. Below you can find some of the more tantalizing elements:
  • Steve (Pre Super-Soldier Serum) gets beaten by someone on the streets. Takes a part of garbage can as his shield. The guy, that beat Steve: "You just don't know when to give up, do you?" Steve (looking all angry at this guy): "I can do this all day!" Sadly, Steve takes another beating from the guy.

  • Steve: "Why me?" (chamber, full of scientists, generals. Steve gets inside the vita-rays capsule) Abraham: "Because alignment, because of value, of strength, because of value of power." Steve gets injected by something, saying: "That wasn't so bad." Someone replies to Steve: "That was penicillin."

  • First look at Howard Stark, looking real smart & classy. Chester Phillips: "We are going to win this war because we have the best man!" Abraham to Howard: "Now, Mr. Stark!" Chester Phillips: "They will personally deliver (or something, I don't remember) Hitler to the gates of hell!" * Really good & long view of Steve's painful transformation into Super-Soldier. Lights out! *Some army music plays* Everyone is shocked to see the brand new Steve Rogers. Howard Stark & Abraham Erskine are amazed.

  • Steve & the Howling Commandos are inside some factory, with Schmidt's goons around. Johann takes his human mask off & we get to see first full & clear shot of Red Skull's face, that now looks even more violently red, than it was in the tv-spot. Cut to Howling Commandos wrecking shit and kicking butt, big explosions (some of them we've seen in the tv-spot), flying spaceship (here it looks incomplete, more CGI-ish), HYDRA firemen making a fire circle around Cap & HYDRA men in the forest near some car.
Since the project really got moving I've always been a bit hesitant about being optimistic, but I must say that this trailer sounds pretty damn cool. I can't wait to see a full look at the Red Skull that doesn't flash by in half-a-second and lets us see his whole face, not just a side. I will reserve judgment until the actual trailer does finally come out, whenever that may be. Be sure to check out the full description over at SuperHeroHype.

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