The new releases hitting theaters on August 27 include the horror movie The Last Exorcism, the long-delayed Chris Brown-starring Takers, and the ludicrous historical epic Centurion. It's slim pickings, to say the least, but if you're not necessarily in the mood for something new you can always turn to Avatar: Special Edition, which will boast 8 more minutes of footage and one last chance to see History's Biggest Movie in eye-popping 3D.

I feel kind of iffy about the idea-- I loved the movie at the time, but 8 months later it all seems a little silly, and giving James Cameron even more of my money just feels shameful at this point. But there's nothing better out there, and after a long year of terrible 3D I'm sure Avatar will just look even more impressive. For those of you ready to watch the Na'vi ride again, there's a new trailer online, offering up a few glimpses of scenes that weren't in the original theatrical cut (at least I don't think they were) and the usual bombastic promises of romance and adventure. Take a look below, but leave the 3D glasses off for now.

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