We were supposed to have seen Beauty and the Beast 3D in February at this year, which would have been bad timing in that Avatar had swallowed every single 3D screen in the world, but good timing in that the inevitable 3D backlash had yet to get properly started. Now the remastered 1992 animated classic is set for release Valentine's Day 2011, and I honestly wonder if by then they'll be able to convince anyone that seeing a movie they love converted into 3D is worth the effort. The 3D brand name is collapsing quickly, and if Tron: Legacy doesn't kick it into gear in December, the Beauty and the Beast experiment may be toast.

Still, it won't be a bad thing to revisit one of Disney's best-ever animated films, and a new trailer for the 3D version of the film doesn't emphasize the gimmicks so heavily as just the classic romance we all weeped over back in the 90s. I actually saw a bit of the 3D-ized Beauty and the Beast back at Comic Con last year and it looks pretty good, so maybe general 3D skepticism can step aside for the chance to sing "Be Our Guest" with the teapots jumping out at you. Check out the trailer below and relive the memories.

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