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Tonight Reaper returned to television, and as it turns out, wasn’t worth the wait. Their first episode post-strike was kind of a bust, awkward, weird, and full of Jamie Kennedy. Actually it was probably almost all the fault of Jamie Kennedy. The guy is a big sucking hole of nothing and everything he’s ever been in is awful. Apparently that even includes shows which are otherwise awesome.

Normally Reaper is great, and so is its star Bret Harrison. Harrison’s been bouncing around TV for awhile now, but it looks like he may also be on the verge of starting a movie career. Next month he’ll have a starring role in a poker film. No, not 21 The other poker film, the one co-starring Burt Reynolds and being released a month later by MGM. It’s called Deal, and we have the first trailer.

See Burt Reynolds mentor Bret Harrison into discovering fairly obvious tells by watching the trailer for Deal below: