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When director Darren Lynn Bousman got away from the Saw franchise to make Repo! The Genetic Opera, that seemed like a good thing. Repo!, flawed though it was, turned out to be creative and interesting. Maybe the guy who’d been stuck making all those Saw movies was really talented and this would be the thing to launch him into stratosphere. Except, well, no one went to see Repo! so now here we are about to watch the trailer for Bousman’s next movie which, incidentally, stars absolutely no one you’ve ever heard of.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be good, just that Bousman will now have to scrap and struggle to get the thing seen when probably he deserves an easier release. If The Roommate can get a wide rollout the next movie from the guy who did Repo! ought to have an easier time of it.

The trailer makes the movie seem a little like The Number 23 except with a stronger horror element. The obsession with numbers is an ever present theme here though. Watch the trailer below:

What you just saw is probably only a very rough teaser. 11-11-11 is still shooting, so we’re only getting a very incomplete look here. The trailer first debuted on Bousman’s Blog where he talks more about the process of making it and also released a few photos. I’ve included some of those below but, click over to his site to see even more.

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