Remember Mad Money, that movie about bank robbers that came out less than a month ago that you’ve probably already forgotten? Did you think that the movie would have been better if it involved Demi Moore and Michael Caine, especially if Demi Moore were doing a bad British accent? Oh, and instead of stealing old money, it was about stealing diamonds?

Well, friends, Flawless is here to help, due to show up this March and take the official title of Most Generic Thriller Ever Made. The trailer has appeared on YouTube (embedded below), and seriously, you can see for yourself. I guess it’s more like Mad Money with some of Charlie Wilson’s War period flavor thrown in. Also, Demi Moore putting on a British accent is something I never hoped to hear, and really wish I hadn’t heard.

It’s a shame that this is the best Demi Moore can do right now (Michael Caine still has the Batman series to hang on to). As much pity as I may feel for Mrs. Ashton Kutcher, though, it won’t make me see this movie.

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