I’ve just watched the trailer for Girl Walks Into A Bar, and it’s somehow more bizarre than I expected. Hip, with a classic vibe, smart, with a dash of naked ping pong, and sexy, with a whiff of dangerous, the teaser is like Get Shorty meets Chicago crossed with The Ten. Think of it like making soup when you’re drunk. You add broth to the basic ingredients and then you just throw shit in. Most of the time it sucks, but every now and again, it’s like a whole new world opened up. Of course chicken noodle soup tastes better if you substitute chicken for smoked sausage! How could I have missed this combination for years?

Girl Walks Into A Bar is the story of a dentist putting out a hit on his wife. Overly frugal and not content to let the whole thing play out he intercedes, mucking up not only the assassin’s plan but the evenings of a whole host of Los Angeles residents spread across ten different locations. It stars Danny DeVito, Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, Carla Gugino and Zachary Quinto. Also, it’ll be available for free on the internet come March 11th. Here’s a look at the trailer…

It remains to be seen whether this online distribution experiment will work, but with ready access at a mouse click, it seems likely most cinema fans will check this out. There’s certainly a level of intrigue here. How do all of these people get mixed up in one murder for hire? Further, are all of the stories interconnected or loosely connected? I am prepared to watch at least fifteen minutes of this come March 11th. If it’s awesome, I’ll stick around.

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