Joel Schumacher's Twelve is a truly, hilariously bad movie, but it's one I'm incredibly grateful I caught at Sundance because of the amazing atmosphere of the press screening-- one person decided it was OK to laugh, and the walls fell down entirely. Because none of you will likely wind up seeing this movie in a crowd of amused critics, I can't recommend the movie whatsoever (read my Sundance review here)-- and since it's opening against The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on July 2, I'm not that worried about you guys seeing it anyway.

But! If you happen to be a giant fan of Chace Crawford or Emma Roberts and want to see how they got into this mess, check out the trailer for Twelve below, released on YouTube by distributor Hannover House and picked up by Movieline. It's three minutes long and spoils nearly everything about the movie, including Kiefer Sutherland's incessant and unnecessary voiceover narration and the disappointing lack of a samurai sword slaughter near the end. But if you've been wondering what every critic has been laughing about his Sundance, this gives a pretty solid idea. Watch the carnage below.

UPDATE: We've been asked to remove the trailer since it was not, in fact, official or authorized for release. Hopefully we'll have a real one to show you soon.

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