You may remember the news from earlier this year that not only was Rob Lowe planning to make his directorial debut, but he was doing it on behalf of Butterfinger-- yes, the candy. The movie, Butterfinger the 13th, was planned as a 25-minute horror short with the tagline "You Can't Scream WIth Your Mouth Full." And while you may have blocked out this news assuming that it was just a bizarre dream, you can ignore it no longer: there's an official trailer for Butterfinger the 13th, and you can watch it below. Take a look.

Maybe the strangest thing is that, despite the fact that it's the first movie ever sponsored by a single candy, Butterfinger the 13th seems completely cut from the usual horror movie cloth--the haunted camp, the horrible crime lurking in the past, the group of teenagers with absolutely no survival instincts, even the couple who choose to have sex at the exact wrong moment. The one moment of humor is, in fact, the guy trying to scream with his mouth full, but the fact that the movie's Facebook page advertises "The Modern Master of Psychological Terror, Rob Lowe," I'm betting there's more of a sense of humor in here than you might think. That's the only explanation for why they're asking for fan-created content, right? It seems unlikely they'll be getting scary stuff from the fans-- after all, they're not the modern masters of psychological terror.

Butterfinger the 13th will be in select theaters on October 13, so if you're baffled trying to figure out what this movie will actually be like, the mystery will be solved soon.

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