If you don’t have a strong opinion about George Lucas you will most certainly want to go out and form one after watching the trailer for The People vs. George Lucas. With some singing “George Lucas raped my childhood” and others calling Lucas a “False prophet,” the trailer is as thrillingly as any. Even though it is a preview for a documentary, the editing is so clever you’ll feel like you’re gearing up for an action movie.

I think we can all agree that, no matter what your opinion on George Lucas is, Star Wars fanboys are definitely fun to watch. The writers of The People vs. George Lucas are aware of this fact, as the film seems to consist of a bunch of Star Wars geeks talking about their experience of George Lucas. Although the following trailer does lose a bit of steam towards the end by getting sidetracked talking about Jar-Jar Binks, the overall experience is fantastic. Check it out!

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