I've never seen a Tyler Perry movie, so maybe I’m not qualified to discuss him. But if I've missed his work, it's only because it's all looked so godawful. Seriously Perry, the whole black guy dressed up as a fat old lady thing has been done to death.

Somehow though, he's inexplicably popular. His movies are consistently box office smashes and slapping his name on a film is almost a license to print money. So he's profitable, but until now I haven't seen anything from him that didn't make me absolutely cringe.

Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls however looks a little different. The first trailer for it is here, and cross-dressing Perry is nowhere in sight. Instead, the trailer pushes this one as an inspirational drama about a Dad and his kids. A little cliché, but at least there's no man-in-skirt anywhere in sight.

As his last movie did, Perry's new one will hit theaters early in the year next year. Maybe I'll actually give him a shot with this one.

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